Zone 6 Grand Tour

Announcing the first Zone tour of any PCA Zone - The Zone 6 Grand Tour. Running from July 25 to August 8, this tour will travel in each of the 16 Zone 6 regions located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. We will see mountains, prairies, forests, deserts, glaciers, great rivers and the Pacific Ocean. Each region has selected a route which best exemplifies touring in that region. Zone 6 is by far the largest PCA Zone in North America.

Your participation can be tailored to your available time and interest. You can join for a day or all days. You can join for the PNWR kickoff day and the Oregon completion day. Mix and match as you like.

The tour route will start in PNWR, head to the Olympic Region, cross to Vancouver Island by ferry, go east through BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan then turn westward through Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Planned total distance is 4700+ miles.

Come be a part of Zone 6 history with this inagural tour. See website for further details. Participants will be responsible to make their own hotel reservations. A list of recommended hotels will be provided.

Registration is required and is available on

Grand Tour Registration (updated 6/12/2015)

Grand Tour Schedule (PDF format) (updated 7/16/2015)

Hotel Info (PDF format) (updated 6/14/2015)

Ferry Info (PDF format) (updated 6/14/2015)

Hotel and Ferry Info (Excel format) (updated 6/14/2015)

Zone 6 Maps (PDF format)